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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Blues

Yesterday I had to do some shopping…at the Mall of America. If you don’t live in Minnesota, the thought of going to the mall sounds exciting. If you live here, you often dread it. It’s just so big. And walking, and walking, and walking is not what I’m really in the mood for lately.

But my mother-in-law is getting married at the end of next week, and we’re flying to Detroit for the wedding, so I needed to get a dress.

These were my requirements.

It needed to be dressy enough for a wedding.
It needed to cover my mastectomy scar.
It needed to cover my porto-cath that sticks out about half an inch.
And it needed to be either light blue, cream or navy blue. (the wedding colors)

Well, I could handle the first three requirements, but the fourth one was quite tricky. Apparently blue is not the color for winter…a lot of magenta, but not much blue.

I finally found a dress at Express, but it’s more of a teal, than a navy. But after hitting every corner department store at the mall, trying on almost every navy dress that looked presentable, I just didn’t have the energy to search anymore.

So a version of blue it will have to be…sorry Ma.


On a totally different note…

Today when I was getting out of the shower, Cameron came into the bathroom and out of habit said, “Mom, when you’re done drying your hair, will you come downstairs and get me breakfast?”

I gave him a puzzled look with my bald head directly in his view.

“Ooops,” he grinned sheepishly. “I forgot that you got your head shaved.”

It was quite funny.

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At 8:21 AM, Blogger wiferhood said...

Hey Cari~
We can't wait to see you and the kids. NyCee is all excited about meeting her cousins.(Right, as if she really knows what's going on.) I am sure you will look great in your teal/navy/some form of blue dress!

See you guys next week.

P.S.I am glad that you could laugh at Cam regarding the hair comment. Laughter is good for the soul!

Virtual hugs and kisses to all :~)


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