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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Forget the light bulb....

The wet vac is one amazing invention.

So far in the past 2 days….

I’ve used my Hoover Agility Steam Vac to suck up Ella’s vomit that was spewed pretty heavily in one area of our family room carpet.

Then while I had it out I decided to utilize it on some spots I’ve been eyeing for quite some time...that I’m sure Max created since he sometimes thinks he’s a Catholic priest, “blessing” all of us with his sippy cup filled with grape kool-aid.

And my third use of the weekend….have you ever seen those commercials when someone drops a full glass of red wine on a white carpet and it splashes EVERYWHERE? Well, that’s exactly what one of my son’s friends did in Cameron’s bedroom…replacing the glass of red wine with a bottle of red Gatorade (that I didn’t know he had up there), which was dropped from the top bunk.

“Mom, Eddie says that kind of juice stains,” Cameron informed me.
“Yeah, it does!” Eddie chimed in a little too happily. “And it will last for a loooong time. But if you invite me over again, I’ll bring some stuff that can clean it up.”

I decided not to wait for his next visit and broke out the wet vac. In 15 minutes, the red was gone.

If you have kids…you MUST invest in one of these things.

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