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Thursday, February 15, 2007

My Valentines

My Valentine’s Day was very lovely.

Cameron came bounding in our room at 4:30 AM jubilantly announcing, “Happy Valentines Day Mommy and Daddy!” as he handed me a robot he made at school the previous day.

Max gave me an “art project” he made with Sara; a bunch of hearts glued onto a page. He was so proud of his work.

Melvin surprised me with new PJs (says he’s tired of me wearing his all the time), and daisies (which is what he used to pick and bring to me when we were camp counselors), and a nice card. We also went out, had some drinks, played some Golden Tee Golf and ate at a wine bar and café in Minneapolis.

And Ella? With a face like this...need I anything else?

Yesterday, I felt very loved.

Oh yeah, and when Sara was watching the kids, she took my minivan to get washed. That actually may be the best present of all!


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