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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Pain times 3

Going to the doctors is always such an event. Between illnesses, check-ups and just stopping in to see Daddy, we’re there a lot more than most people. But the problem is, mention the word Doctor, and Cameron’s first words between whines and the beginning of instant sobs is, “But I don’t want a shot!” As soon as we walk into the waiting room, Max exclaims loud enough so that the entire room can hear him, “I don’t want doctor to look in my ears!” And Ella is starting to get it as well, as she starts to cry when the exam room door is closed.

Today I had to take them all to get their flu shots. I’ve always avoided them before, not because I felt bad for my kids, or out of concern for so many vaccinnes, but really, I avoided them for my own sanity. I just couldn’t bear physically having to pin my kids down so they could have a needle jammed into their skin. As a mother, my kids look to me for protection, so to make them feel pain, well, just doesn't seem right. Makes it seem like they won't trust me anymore....or love me. Okay, I know they'll love me, but still, it's disturbing to think about. So it was out of my own selfishness that we always seemed to avoid the yearly warnings for children to receive flu shots.

But this year we had 3 kids in Minnesota die from the flu. And that is scary. So when Melvin insisted I take the kids in for their shots, I relented without a fight. I can do one time, I told myself. I can make it seem like we’re going there for something routine and sneak in the shot. Hopefully they’ll forget yet another negative experience at the doctor’s before their next visit. Hopefully they'll forgive me.

So they all got the shot. Max screamed merely because I was holding him down, but didn’t even flinch when he received the shot. Ella cried, but was over it very quickly. Cameron on the other hand was a physical battle. And he was REALLY MAD at me afterwards. I don't think I should be expecting a valentine from him tomorrow. But it was done and over with….so I thought.

Did you know that kids who have never had the flu shot before must go back in a month for a 2nd shot!

Melvin’s taking them next time…I just can’t do it again.


At 10:16 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You need to get one too. My ped will give them to the parents when you bring the kids in- bet yours would too-


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