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Friday, December 02, 2005

Things not to say

Attention Husbands!!!!

When looking at pictures from about 8 years ago, there are certain things that you just shouldn't say to your wife....especially one that is 9 months pregnant and not feeling all that great about herself in this state.

1. "Wow! Look how skinny you were!"

2. "I mean, you just look really different."

3. "Look at me, I haven't changed at all. I don't look any older."

And apologizing after the tears start rolling and insisting that you meant that she looks better now, does nothing to undo the damage that was already done. Because in actuality, she was probably thinking the same thing, and your voicing it aloud just made her thoughts a reality.


At 9:31 PM, Anonymous Aunt Nancy said...


At 10:18 AM, Blogger Cari said...

Melvin read this and screamed with laughter. Then he proceeded to tell me that I need to take it off because it makes him seem insensitive. I told him I was only writing the truth.

At 4:24 PM, Anonymous Sally said...

Cari, It will all be over soon, and you'll be back to looling great! Always remember, it's his fault you're in this condition anyway.

Jen is sending out some girlly clothes for Ella that we bought, so at least she'll have some new little sleepers and something for winter to dress her in!!! She will be mailing them on Tues, so keep a look out!

Aunt Sally

At 4:30 PM, Blogger Cari said...

Thanks Aunt Sally. Looking forward to the clothes!!!!!

I've gained much less weight with this pregnancy...and well, you know how Max is. So hopefully I won't be big for long!!!!


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