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Friday, November 18, 2005


It has been a hard week. I have some grad work final projects I haven't had time for. The baby is coming, and the only thing I have done is sorting through clothes, discovering that I need a major baby shopping trip. I had to drag both boys through traffic and subzero windchills so that I could go to my weekly Drs appt...where they had to do an internal exam with both crabby boys in the room! Because of work, Melvin has not been home before 8 PM anyday this week to help me with the monsters. And yesterday I discovered that Max has yet another fever...which means he won't go to school today, taking away more of my time to do my grad work...stressing me out even more.

But last night there was a glimpse of peace....as both boys fell asleep on my lap. Not at the same time. Actually, Max was really mad at one point that Cameron was sitting on my lap, and he kept trying to push off his 4 year old brother (future problems with Ella?). I had to somehow make room on my lap for Cam, Max and my big belly! Eventually we made it to the couch, where Max fell asleep on me as we watched Survivor. He's obviously sick, because he NEVER sits and falls asleep on me. Then after I put him to bed, Cameron found his way to my lap, and within 5 minutes I felt his body go limp with slumber.

Melvin is not on call this weekend, so I'm hoping for some time to work, time to shop, and maybe even some time to sleep.


At 9:16 AM, Anonymous Dana said...

Oh Cari,

I wish I was closer to you to help you out. I would make dinner for you, help clean, take care of the boys, etc......I will be praying for you and you guys. I am looking forward to our visit.

Love, Dana

At 7:47 PM, Blogger KC said...


hang in there!!

hope max feels better soon and that baby holds off like she's supposed to.

At 5:52 AM, Anonymous Mom said...

Cari, I knew by our quick phone call Thurs AM you were very, very busy. Tell me some things you need for Ella and I will order them on line and have them sent. I know it is not much, but will cross off something from your list. That is the best of can do long distance until I arrive. Love you.


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