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Sunday, November 20, 2005

santa suit anyone???

I need more costume help. Yes, I know it's almost December and Haloween is over. However, it's not a Halloween costume I'm in search of, but rather a Christmas one.

This weekend I went to Babies R Us to try to do some baby shopping. However, I had Max with me, so basically I got nothing done. But I did find 2 really cute Santa outfits....one for Ella, and one for Max. They're very cute, would be perfect for a picture, not very practical, but I just had to buy them.

My dilemma is that now Cameron wants a Santa suit, also. I figured this would happen, but they didn't have it in his size. I've never seen a Santa suit past size 2T in the stores.

So if you happen to come across one...Size 5 would be preferable, but 4T would do, please purchase it and let me know..or at least let me know where I can buy it.

You'd make a 4 year old very happy (and his mom).


At 7:45 PM, Anonymous Lauren said...

Found this one online:
If the link won't work- check out

And yes, I'm doing this instead of working on grading or writing the review due tomorrow!

:) Lauren

At 9:08 PM, Blogger Cari said...

Thank you thank you thank you thank you Lauren!!!! You're awesome! Now do your work and rest, rest rest!!!!

At 9:27 AM, Blogger Cari said...

I just ordered the suit. The 5-7 and above sizes were sold out. So I purchased the 3-4 year old size...we'll make it work. Glad I didn't procrastinate as usual or else that size probably would have been gone, too.
Thanks again!!!!!!!

At 10:28 AM, Anonymous Lauren said...

I can't wait to see the picture! I did see some other web sites last night that had children's Santa suits but not in the smaller sizes- they were mostly for older kids.

Hang in there!


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