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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

A day to be thankful.

I'm pretty good at noting how monstrous my kids can be, but I have to say, I do not exaggerate.

However, today, I must confess, was a good day.

While the kids were in school, I had my hair cut and highlighted (now I'm ready to deliver). I had a conference with Cameron's teacher who proceeded to tell me how helpful he is and how he listens so well at school (glad he does this somewhere). Plus, I only had to get up 3 times during the conference to stop Max from destroying items hanging on the wall. When we arrived home, Cameron couldn't wait to sit down with me so I could read him his new books from the "book order," and Max just played nicely with his toys.

Melvin was home in the afternoon, and actually did not get called in to the hospital until nighttime. He got to spend time with Cameron while Max and I took a nap.

I actually felt so energized, I decided that instead of the 4 of us going to a restaurant tomorrow, I'd actually try to throw together some semblance of a meal...so off to the grocery store I went (kid free) and had a relaxing shopping trip amongst all the congested aisles.

Even tonight, after we made it through dinner, Max and Cameron played nicely together in their playroom, while I cleaned up. Then later, Cameron and I colored, while Max attempted to do the same, and only tried to eat the crayons twice.

So tonight, on the eve of Thanksgiving, I have to say Thank you Lord for today.


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