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Saturday, November 19, 2005

Sometimes the TV is just cleaner.

Cameron has been watching WAY TOO MUCH TV lately. I'm just so tired, that when I'm napping, I let him do it. And when I'm doing homework, I let him watch it. And in the morning when he wakes up before the rest of us, he's on the floor in our room, eyes glued to the set.

I try to tell myself that it's okay...as long as I throw in a reading lesson from one of his books, or we do some math pages from one of his workbooks. But in reality, it's still too much.

So yesterday I turned off the TV, pushed all my work aside, and made both boys go down into their supernice playroom to actually play with their toys. I went upstairs briefly to put on something to eat, when Cameron came bounding up the stairs.

"Mom, you've got to come down. I'm going to do a show!"
"What kind of show?" I asked.
"A drum show!"

Cameron doesn't have a drumset, so I was interested to see his creativity in making one. When I entered their playroom, I gasped in disbelief as I viewed 7 bins of toys spread all over the ground.

Each bin was poised upside down in a circle, as Cameron stood in the middle and proceeded to pound on them, starting his "drum show."

When he was done, I put Max down for a nap, we proceeded to clean up the mess, and the plopped in front of the good old TV set.


At 7:55 AM, Anonymous Mom said...

Suggestion, don't keep all the toy bins down........sounds like a lot of toys. Keep a few high on a shelf or closet and alternate. Three bins emptied out vs 7 bins is a lot easier to clean up and still allows the boys to be creative. I wish I was there for the entertainment.

At 7:38 AM, Anonymous Dana said...

Now THATS creativity!! That is what stimulates the mind!!



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