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Monday, November 28, 2005

Mommy's little helper

Cameron can be quite the "little mom" sometimes. Most of the time this has been a blessing. We worried about how he would react to having a new brother, but he was overwhelmingly excited about it. And except for this weekend when he was crabby, and Max accidently scratched him and Cameron responded with a couple punches to Max's stomach, he's usually quite caring and giving and an altogether great big brother.

Today when we picked Max up from his "classroom," there was a little stuffed lamb glitter-type "craft" in his cubby.
"Look at what Max made, Mommy!" Cameron exclaimed. "I didn't know he could do projects."
"Yes, Cameron, his teachers help him do some art now," I responded knowing that Max probably did nothing but watch his teacher make the lamb.
"And look, I think he was trying to make his name with the glitter. This looks like an M!" Cameron continued with great excitement.
"Oh, do you think so?"
"Yeah! I'm so proud of him!"

When we arrived home, after helping Max get out of his carseat, Cameron and Max went upstairs to put his new craft in his room. I was busy bringing groceries in from the car. When I was done, Cameron insisted I follow him.

Up the stairs I went to where he was leading me. On one wall, my husband has carefully placed blue tape on top of every "nail-pop" that the builder needs to come fix. Some are quite low, and I figured they'd never last a couple hours, but Max has seemed to ignore them for the past week...until today.

"Mommy. Max was looking at this tape, and I didn't want him to play with it, so I took all the tape that was low and made it higher so he couldn't reach." Almost all of my husband's taping was altered so that the nailpops were no longer marked.

What a little helper I have!


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