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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

The end is near

One more month to go....we hope. Although part of me just wants to get this baby out, nothing is ready, Max has more growing up to do, and we all just need to be patient. However, Melvin told me that statistically, women who have had at least 2 babies already usually deliver around 38 weeks.

Although everyone keeps telling me how small I look (which is great because I was HUGE with my other 2 pregnancies), I just feel big. I'm not sure how much more this baby is going to grow in 4 weeks, but I don' think I have anymore room.

Right now I'm just plain tired all the time. That's nothing too new for me, except now coffee is not even working, making it very hard for me to do any of my grad work. Tonight I'm resorting to one of my old high school tricks. I'm going to do my reading in the bathtub. It' s harder to fall asleep in water.....but not impossible.


At 6:46 AM, Anonymous Mom said...

If Melvin's statistics are correct, then maybe he will be taking off the first week of delivery and I will be arriving the 2nd week. Flexibility is the key word this month!

At 10:45 AM, Anonymous Dana Spitz said...


I used to do that too....read in the bathtub. I did it is college too and those rare times I do take a bath, I do it now. But most of the time, I just want to rest my mind and my body in the tub.



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