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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Recognizing my stress, a dear friend from my "Mom's Spiritual Spa" group from church came over and helped me sort through baby clothes.

This is what we discovered. Basically, I can't use anything from Max and Cameron because for one, they're too boyish. However, mostly it's because all the sizes don't coordinate with the seaons for my new baby. Max and Cameron were born in the summer...so their 3-6 month clothes are shorts and T-shirts. Anyone who is in Minnesota right now, experiencing these frigid temps, knows that unless we take a trip to the Caribbean, Ella won't need shorts in the 3-6 months size.

So we were able to keep a bunch of onsies, and some PJs...that's about it.

Carla's recommendation for what I need: PINK.
My summation for what I need: EVERYTHING.


At 5:50 AM, Anonymous Mom said...

Cari, don't go out and by "everything". Let Mom-Mom (me)have the joy of purchasing a few needed items for our little Ela before her arrival. Can't wait till December 11th.


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