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Saturday, November 12, 2005

Somethings are Easier

I often talk about how Max is a little more of a handful than Cameron. Mainly because he doesn't ever sit.....doesn't like to watch any TV...and thinks it's great fun to empty out any cabinet or drawer he can get his hands on.

However, I must admit, somethings are easier. For example, taking medicine. Both boys have had several ear infections as babies. But giving Cameron medicine was the worst (and still often is). We would have to hold him down, force it into his mouth, and only pray that he didn't vomit it back up (which he often did). It got to the point where the doctor would just give him a shot of antibiotic so we knew it was getting in him. Cameron didn't like it, but it suited me just fine. Max on the other hand usually takes his medicine willingly. He even likes to chew on the dropper when I'm done. No problem there.

Yesterday, I took the boys to get their haircut. This would be Max's first time. I was very nervous, first of all, because he would have to sit in a chair...and we know he doesn't like to sit. But secondly I was nervous because it took over 2 years before Cameron was okay about getting his haircut. I would have to hold him, as he kicked and screamed, snotting all over me, trying to grab the scissors away from the hairstylist as she snuck in snips here and there. It was ALWAYS a disaster. I feared the same fate with Max. Luckily, Max didn't react this way. He sat in the chair by himself. Although he whined a little, and I had to hold his hands the entire time, he was quite good.

So I must concede, SOME things are easier.


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