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Monday, August 27, 2007

Other Things

So, life still goes on, and there’s more to write about than just my cancer stuff.

First the good things:

My mother in law is engaged. And I’m sure I’m not the first one to say, It’s about time! She’s been with her boyfriend Leslie for over 20 years! I’m very happy for her and looking forward to all the celebrations!

Ella is talking up a storm. Yesterday we went to a local parade and the lady sitting next to us called her a parrot. She repeats everything and anything you say. Guess I better watch what comes out of my mouth.

Max is really starting to take strides toward being more independent. He finally has learned to click his own carseat, dresses himself (even concerned about whether his clothes are on backwards) and he has started to do his own buttons. It takes him FOREVER, but he’s determined to do it by himself. Unfortunately, he often starts this without my help aligning the button to the hole properly, and his shirt is all lopsided. But the grin on his face when he accomplishes these things is priceless with those double, sometimes triple, dimples!

Now the not so good things:

We’re still trying to figure out what to do about Cameron’s epilepsy. His 2nd opinion with a neurologist is not until the middle of September. Until then, we’re keeping him on the medicine the doctor prescribed. However, he’s been very moody and overly sensitive and whiny lately. Now the hard thing to know is, is this because of the medicine, or is this usual 6 year old behavior? He hasn’t had another seizure…that we know of. I guess technically he could have them at night and we’d never know. But the bedwetting still continues. Ever try to change sheets on the top bunk? Incredibly annoying!


At 4:06 PM, Anonymous dana said...

Cari...send me a picture of Cam in his hat.


At 9:32 PM, Blogger Debbie said...


Hi, it's cousin Debbie (your mom and Aunt Nancy's cousin). Nancy has been telling me about your blog forever, and I finally took her advice and went on. Your outlook on life and your ability to put it down in writing is amazing. And what a great way to keep in touch with your family in NJ--it's almost like being here

It so happened that I saw Nancy and her family this weekend and they caught me up with all that was happening with you. Yikes. There are no words to describe this week. I am thinking of you and your family continuously and I just keep hoping and praying for the best.

Re: Cameron. Isn't the wait for a pediatric neurologist unbelievable? I guess it is the same everywhere. Parents are understandably so nervous and anxious and the wait is always more than a month. It sounds like he is doing well, but it must be so hard to wait for that second opinion.

So now that I've signed on, I'm hooked! I'll be keeping tabs on you.

At 9:51 PM, Blogger Ann said...

I love my top bunk but alas changing the sheets is difficult. My niece even asked me once if Kathleen makes her bed (top bunk dweller) - no way, too difficult. I even told my poor cleaning lady not to go up there (50 something portuguese lady who isn't exactly fleet of foot) - I would do it even when 9 monthns preggo.

Keep smiling!


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