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Monday, August 20, 2007


Starting my day with a call to 911 was not on my newly created “To Do” list or marked on my recently-hung calendar to help keep me organized this year. But I don’t believe ones usually very healthy six year old having a seizure is something you can actually predict and plan for.

At about 5:30 AM, I was awakened by Cameron twitching next to me. (He had crawled into our bed a couple hours earlier due to yet another nightly accident in his own bunk).

Cameron’s right leg, arm, hand and his head was twitching. His eyes were open, which was very eerie, but he wasn’t coherent at all. I immediately woke up my husband, who tried to get him to stop, but quickly instructed me to call 911. The operator sent out an ambulance (although it was actually an SUV and a bunch of cop cars that showed up much later than I would have imagined), but by the time everyone arrived, he had stopped seizing, was coherent, and was acting normal again.

Because the other two kids were still sleeping, Melvin took Cameron to the hospital while I stayed home. I had a few people tell me that I should have called them and they would have come over so that I could have gone as well. But honestly, I’m glad I wasn’t there for the blood drawing and IV insertion. Oh, and he vomited a couple times on the way to the hospital and while he was there as well. Although him puking in the car doesn’t sound very humorous, but later Cameron and I had a big laugh about this. Because he barfed in his DADDY’s car. Not mine, which smells like puke anyhow, but in his daddy’s precious SUV that no one can eat, drink, or wear shoes in (wouldn’t want shoe marks on the back of the chairs would we!).

Sara ended up being able to come early today, and I made it to the hospital a few hours later as Cameron was sleeping while getting an MRI done. When he saw me, instead of an excited, “Mommy!” I thought I might hear, I was instead greeted with, “Where’s Max?”

We then hung out a little more, waited forever for some gross hospital lunch that was over an hour late, and then Cameron had an EEG, which involved a lot of wires glued to his head, some psychedelic flashing lights and a very odd technician whose own brain just might have been altered by such constant flashing.

Then it was back to the hospital room, where I managed to get in about a 15 minute nap while Cameron finished watching a “sympathy” movie. Meaning his dad felt so bad about what he was going through that he allowed him to watch the movie he’s been begging to see but which we had already told him he wasn’t old enough for and plus he had to read the books before he was allowed to watch the film. I’m talking Harry Potter here. It was definitely over his head, and he spent half the time playing with the bed controls making himself rise and fall with the push of a button, but he was thrilled to finally be able to see it nonetheless.

Next dinner came, and just as we were setting up one of Cameron’s favorite board games to play, the neurologist came and ended up telling us that his MRI was fine…which is good. That meant no lesions or tumors on the brain, which was my huge fear. But he then said that his EEG was abnormal and because of what Cameron experienced with the seizure and the printout of the EEG, he diagnosed him with Benign Rolandic Epilepsy.

According to the neurologist, it’s not supposed to affect his cognitive or physical abilities. He may continue to have seizures, or not. They often begin around the age of 6 and kids usually outgrow it by adolescence. Until we get a second opinion, he’ll be taking the medicine prescribed to him twice a day. It’s not supposed to have any side effects according to the doctor, but the literature my husband looked up states otherwise. So we’re very nervous about this and seeking several other opinions before we commit to this prescribed treatment.

And if a seizure does occur again, we have a syringe to pump up his rear!

This kind of epilepsy is more common in kids who have close relatives with epilepsy. So for all of you family members who read this blog…any closet epileptics out there?

After waiting for the discharge beaurocracy to go through and the meds to be available in the pharmacy, is was after 7:00 when we finally left that building.

Cameron couldn’t wait to get home to see Max…who had a called a handful of times wanting to know when his big brother was going to be home. They were literally hugging each other when watching Tom & Jerry tonight.

Thank you to all those who had us in your prayers today. I’m so grateful to our Lord, as things could have been much worse. Now we just pray for the proper choice of medical intervention and no more seizures.

So a tumultuous day it was and a lot to think and worry about. I do believe a glass of wine is in order now.

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At 11:10 PM, Blogger mommyof3 said...

Kimberly let me know this AM about what was going on, We have kept your family in our many prayers for Cameron and everyone else... I totally agree with the second opinion and I am so glad that there were no lesions........We will keep you all in our prayers so that you guys get in touch with the right Dr and that GOD will guide there hands, and decisions to be what is right for Cameron.

I pray that you are able to get a GREAT nights sleep tonight

At 12:45 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


I don't know if Max remembers this or not, but when Garrick (Aunt Helen and Uncle Rex's son) was little he had seizures. I am not sure what type they were, they did mention epileptic. Talk to Roz or Sylvia maybe they can give you more information. Cameron, as well as the rest of you are always in my prayers. Kiss everybody for me and tell them I love them.

Love, Auntie Nita

At 4:19 AM, Anonymous Granny said...

I was so relieved to hear from you. I was so worried, but with our prayers and faith in the Lord, we will see victory over this. You are going to have to revise your blog title;juggling visiting relatives, children, preparing meals, handling unexpected crisises(like today's),finding time to up-date everyone by telephone, submitting a blog entry, and re-entering the work force = DOMESTIC to me, and you accomplish each task so well. Be encouraged that God hears every one of our prayers.

At 5:43 AM, Anonymous angela said...

We will keep praying over here for you guys. AND we will be praying the doctors will be guided to the right and safest treatment for Cameron.

We love you! Take care of yourself and your little sweeties.

At 6:56 AM, Anonymous Jaye said...

"Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth" III John 2 - promise from God that you can take to the BANK! Will pray for you big boy - what a trooper! And will pray for the rest of you, too! God is faithful to His Word! Hugs to all!

At 9:05 AM, Blogger IrishMommy said...

Thank you for the update on Cameron. What a day you had yesterday. I will continue to pray for your entire family as you seek more guidance on treatment options for Cameron. It makes me so proud to see the boys missed eachother! How adorable is that? WAY...
Please call if you need anything!!!

At 12:16 PM, Anonymous dana said...

Cari....You brought your camera to the hospital??

We are praying for Cameron's protection and health.

Love, Dana and Chelsea

At 2:38 PM, Blogger Caro said...

Oh my goodness, how scary.

I hope you had more than one glass of wine. I would have had the whole bottle.

I am sending positive vibes your way. Thank goodness he has parents that will be researching and finding the best treatment.

At 6:12 PM, Blogger mi said...

Yes, it could have been so much worse, but how scary nonetheless. I'm so glad this is not something even worse. A second opinion is a great idea, if only to confirm what you have been told. Thank goodness he was in bed with you!! I'm glad he is back home and hopefully will have no more seizures!

At 8:18 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'll keep praying for Cameron. So glad to hear that it is something that can be treated and that it is not something permanent!!!


At 6:51 AM, Blogger KC said...

how scary!

i'm glad cameron is home now, and i hope you get some good info and reassurance from the docs.

At 1:14 PM, Blogger wiferhood said...

Thank God for Cam's healing and recovery. We will continue to pray and believe that he will not suffer that discomfort for life.

It was good to see him smiling with little Max.

P.S. I agree with Dana--you took your camera to the hospital? But I guess it is a good thing that you did so that we could see what was going on.

PPS. Max, sorry about the puke in your car. But I am sure that you have had it detailed and all the traces of Cam's dinner is gone!

Stay healthy and strong Cam!


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