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Monday, May 14, 2007

Mother's Day Gifts

From Cameron: He made me a book at school illustrating the lyrics to Louis Armstrong's "What A Wonderful World." But he didn’t just hand me the book; he actually sang each page to me. And then I got to listen to a tape of his whole class singing the song. It was very sweet. Here is one page of a picture of him and me.

From Ella: Well, she didn’t scream, and yank my hair, and pull out her own pigtails and flail herself all around as much as she usually does lately when she doesn’t get her way.

From Melvin: He was on call Saturday and Sunday. Saturday night he had zero hours of sleep since he was busy making “mothers” all night. But he insisted on cooking breakfast, which was really sweet considering how tired he was. And the smoke alarm only went off 4 times.

From Max: In between his yells, screams and complete moodiness, he has been fixated on picking me flowers from the yard. He often brings me in a handful of dandelions, or some other weed popping up in the grass. So it wasn’t any surprise that on Mother’s Day, he offered me the same gift. “Here’s some flowers for you Mommy!” Except instead of a fistful of weeds, he joyfully gave me a handful of the only real flowers that had bloomed in my garden out back.
Unfortunately Melvin was at the hospital most of the weekend (doing eight deliveries!). But I did get to spend some time with my mom before bringing her to the airport. And the kids played nicely out back with some neighbors, drenching each other with water guns. We still had food from the party on Friday, so I didn’t have to actually cook anything. And I was able to end my night with a glass of wine (okay a couple glasses) and some Desperate Housewives. All in all, a pretty good day.

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