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Monday, April 30, 2007

Calgon...take me away!

It's 10 PM. Ella and Cameron have been asleep for two hours.

I'm trying to take this last opportunity to finish my grad work so I can actually graduate on the 10th of May.

My middle monster is still awake.

He's in the bathroom, making a lot of noise, and I hear the water running.

I ignore it.

Becasue if he's in there, that means he's not out here...and I can do my work...
without him forcing my chair next to his,
without him trying to sit on my lap as I type around him and his big head, stopping him from touching my screen,
without hearing his Barney "computer" echoing in my ear,
without having to find him more food,
without having to explain to him why he cannot have juice
without having to answer all his questions of what I'm doing.

Finally he comes out.

"Mommy, come see. Look what I did!" he exclaims grabbing my hand, escorting me away from my computer to see his accomplishment.

Bubbles are flowing over the powderoom sink.

"Look Mommy! I made a bubble bath in the sink! Let's find a duck to put in the bubble bath I made in the sink!"

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