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Wednesday, May 16, 2007


These past few weeks have been a complete whirlwind.

First I had to finish my grad school project. Which involved reading some novels, completing some reviews and writing up descriptions of different websites and blogs pertaining to Adolescent Literature and teaching.

Then I had to get everything ready for our trip to San Diego.

The day after returning from California I had to deal with graduation stuff.

Next I had my own graduation party to prepare for...involving dozens of people.

And then I had to complete the final newsletter for my church’s Mom’s Spiritual Spa.

Then I had Cameron’s birthday party last night.

Now I can finally sit and just….breathe!!!! Well, I guess I should be doing everything I’ve neglected…like the laundry, cleaning my bedroom, changing all the sheets, cleaning out my car, weeding the garden and planting flowers, sending thank you cards, making phone calls, planning meals, organizing closets, RSVPing for end of year activities, etc, etc.. and ETC.

But instead, I’ll just sit here and sip some wine…and breathe!!!!!!!!!!!


At 7:08 PM, Blogger LH said...

wowza. that's some birthday party.

i'm having wine too. and i've done nothing for a few weeks now.

happy birthday cameron.


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