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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

When I grow up...

Let me begin with the disclaimer that my kids can be whatever they want to be, as long as they’re happy. My husband would prefer (insist) that they all be doctors….OB-GYNs of course…all part of his practice. And that would be marvelous. But if their behaviors and interests as children indicate anything, it might take more convincing than his insistence. If I had to base their careers on how they act today, this is how it would all work out.

Ella – She will be a director. She likes for anyone to hold her, and then she points to what she wants, directing us where to go, expecting us to follow her every need and desire.

Cameron – Cameron is smart. He has so many questions and really wants to understand things. And he remembers everything. All the makings of a doctor of course. But he also loves to show Max how to do things. If he’s looking at a book with him, he’ll ask him questions, in this high-pitched teacher voice. “Max, how many animals do you see on this page? And what colors are they?” The other day when I was (unsuccessfully) trying to show Max how to write some letters, Cameron sensed my frustration. He independently pulled out a piece of paper and made direction steps for how to write each letter. And today, when Max and I were counting, Cameron made number cards for him. He gets more excited than I do when Max gets something right. He definitely has the makings of a teacher.

Max – Well, this is an interesting case. The boy likes to eat, and he’ll try anything. So food critic could be one choice. But he also likes to work in his “kitchen,” and will spend an hour pretending to make food. So he could be a chef one day. But he’s also very stubborn, won’t accept no for an answer, is very good about telling (as opposed to asking) you what he’s going to do and is very confident about his decisions. He also keeps late hours, often up until after ten o’clock (lying in his bed just talking to himself or continually coming down to check on what I’m doing), up a few times through the night, and then still awake when everyone else gets up in the morning. Max….yeah, he’ll definitely be the doctor…and an OB-GYN at that!

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At 11:39 AM, Blogger Kimberly said...

What a cute post!!! You are such a fabulous writer, Cari...I love to read your blog.

Hope your crew is feeling tip-top again! :) Will I see you at Spa tomorrow?

I'm nursing a cold that I *pray* doesn't turn into anything more serious...I don't want the cough and crap that Josiah had with his bug. Time will tell.


At 11:06 PM, Blogger Caro said...

It sounds like your daughter is a strong-willed girl. So's mine. My husband likes that.

He says it means she won't take poo from anyone.

I hope he's right. :)


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