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Sunday, March 11, 2007


2 to 5 – The hours Ella was awake Saturday morning vomiting.

10 – The total number of times she vomited on Saturday.

6 – Number of PJ changes for Ella.

3 – Number of shirt changes for me.

4 – Loads of laundry done to clean all the sheets, comforters, towels, etc. Ella threw up on. (Plus a down comforter I need to take to the dry cleaner).

#? – Too many to keep track – The number of diarrhea diapers changed on Sunday.

3 – Number of baths Ella had today on Sunday due to diarrhea leaking.

0 – Number of showers I took this entire weekend.

50+ -- The degrees it was outside.

0 – Number of hours I got to spend enjoying the warmer weather.

I hope next weekend produces more positive stats.

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At 9:07 PM, Anonymous decthmpsn@aol.com said...

What's the matter with little Ella? I hope she feels better soon. Also, I hope you get to shower soon.

At 9:39 PM, Blogger Undomestic said...

Some virus I'm sure. Called the pediatrician and she gave us a prescription for something to stop the vomitting, so that she could get some liquids in her so she wouldn't dehydrate. The ped. said they usually don't give anything to little ones to stop diarrhea..so I guess we just gotta wait this out. if it's anything like what one of my friend's son had, this will probably last a week...just in time for the cold weather to come back!!!!

At 10:46 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hang in there Cari! You sounded so exhausted on the phone on Saturday. Poor little Ella- can you get any fluids in her at all? I will be praying for a speedy recovery for her and that no one else in the family gets it! Will talk to you sometime in the next few weeks when she is well again-

At 1:33 PM, Anonymous Shannon said...

Poor Ella, and poor you.

The way to counted everything I found quick funny!! Hopefully you can get out a bit today.

At 9:25 PM, Blogger Caro said...

I'm glad she's better now. Poor baby.


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