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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Racing out the door

It's almost 10 PM. At 5:30 AM tomorrow, I'm supposed to leave here to catch an airplane to the East Coast. I haven't even begun to pack yet. But I'm only packing for one!

I'm running a half-marathon with my friend Lanette in Central Park. Being the slacker that I am, I've hardly trained and am not really prepared. But I figure once you've run 26.2 miles, 13.1 should be a piece of cake.....right?

Of course the race is just an excuse for us to talk for a few hours without interruptions. And a couple chocolate martini's afterwards....but only a couple this time!

I wonder if it will be harder for me to run this half marathon, or harder for my husband to take care of all three kids all weekend by himself. Hmmmm. I guess it will depend on whether the screamfests occur with him as much as they do with me. What do you think?

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