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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Comical Max

This past week has been so up and down with Max. Due to his fever, an ear ache, a cough, sneezing and the possible beginning of pneumonia, he's been crying a lot, snuggling a lot, and crying a lot.

Yesterday I brought him back to the doctor's again, where the poor kid kept having things poked in his ears. First the Physician's Assistant to the ENT looked, then the peds nurse stuck the ear thermometer in his ear. The the peds doctor did used the otoscope again to look. Max had just had it. He kept saying, "I DID have look in my ear." "Yes, Max, I know you already did have your ears looked at today, but they need to look again. To which he just repeated himself with tears running down his face. He even had to have a chest x-ray. He was so good just standing there, and then when they were done, he wouldn't move. It was as if he was remembering the last time he had a chest x-ray when they put him in that antiquated crazy contraption. He probably thought if he moved, they'd bring that awkward thing out again!

After taking an antibiotic, mostly today, he was just plain funny. As usual, he wanted to look out for Ella by feeding her. You can see him sneaking her a piece of food in the corner of this picture. No matter many times we tell him not to do this, he must fear she will starve if he doesn't.

Cameron had fallen asleep on the couch today. Max found a blanket and covered him up. Then later, when apparently Sara and I were talking too loud, Max said, "Cameron sleeping. Be quiet."

At dinnertime, I told the boys to say their prayers, Max equates prayers with nighttime prayers. He mummbled a few names, and ended with blessing DORA!!! Cameron thought this was hilarious, and he then asked God not to listen to Max about the TV cartoon character.

Later that evening, while Cameron was having a complete and total meltdown/tantrum for over 30 minutes, Max decided that Mommy needed someone to balance out Cameron's horrendous behavior. Max helped me clean up the toy room....and he was REALLY helping. He put every toy in its exact spot, and if he didn't know where it went, he would ask me. All along, he just kept mumbling, "Cameron crying. Cameron sad. Cameron mad."

After cleaning he must have been very hungry. While I was putting Ella to bed, Max had once again gone against my constant scolding and once helped himself to whatever is in the fridge. He brought a clementine upstairs to me and said, "Help" expecting me to peel it for him. "I'll help you as soon as I'm done Max." "Okay!" he responded, and trotted off down the stairs. But apparently I was taking too long, because by the time I came down to help him, he had decided to take matters into his own hand.

And once he discovered that he could peel his own orange, he helped himself, without asking of course, to two more after this one!

The funniest part of the dsy was when Max got his potty training toilet seat (which usually gets no use), stuck on his head.

He didn't think it was funny, but Cameron and I thought it was hilarious!


At 9:15 AM, Blogger Jaye said...

Little man is growing up. How sweet of him to do all those things (the blanket on his brother - too cute!).

At 9:53 AM, Blogger Carolyn said...

Ah, the stuck potty seat, little kids are so funny.

He sounds like such a sweetheart. You must be doing a great job teaching him empathy.

At 12:16 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You need to write a childrens' book about Max and being the middle child. He is too much of a character not to!

At 1:39 PM, Anonymous Dayna Thompson said...

Yeah Max. He is really growing up to be a helpful boy. Okay but the potty seat on the head---FUNNY!


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