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Sunday, December 04, 2005

Mother of the year award

Max was sick last night. At about 3 AM, I hear him screaming. I let him scream for a while, hoping he'd drift back to sleep, but the scream became more high-pitched. When I finally decided to get him, I found vomit all over his bed. Nice big chunks!

Then he proceeded to vomit 7 more times between 3 and 6AM. Luckily, he gave me a little indication by tossing his pacifier out of his mouth just before spewing! I managed at least to get him onto the hardwood, and even into the bathroom a couple times.

Cameron also woke up in the morning, early. After I tried to send him back to bed a couple times, he started to tell me that his stomach hurt. Trying to deal with Max's vomit, I told him to tell his Daddy, who told him that he'd feel better. Gaining no attention from either of us, he continued to tell me that his stomach hurt, and brought up some tears...requesting to watch TV. I finally allowed him to turn on the tube, but also scolded him for making up stories about his stomach hurting.

At around 7 AM, Melvin woke up and took over so that I could get some sleep. About 15 minutes into my slumber, I was awokened by his screaming for my help.

Cameron had vomited his berry juice all over our cream carpet.

Guess he wanted us to know that he was NOT making up stories for attention. Later I took his temperature, which read over 100 degrees.

Yet another vote for the Mother of the Year Award!!!!!!!!!


At 1:32 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You should have a c-section, just so you can get some REST!



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