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Saturday, August 27, 2005

Ha Ha

Max has discovered the joy of laughter. Whenever he sees something he wants, he makes a beeline to it, laughing the whole way. Whenever he hears someone else laughing, he laughs, too, as if he actually understands the joke. Sounds fun....except he also laughs when I tell him to stop splashing in the tub (and he proceeds to splash as he's laughing); he laughs when I take his finger out of his nose, (and he places it right back where it was); he laughs after I pick up his food he throws on the floor (and continues to throw more); he laughs when I tell him not to walk into the street (as he turns to go right back into it). As a matter a fact, he seems to laugh whenever I tell him no, then continues with behavior, giggling the entire time

Oh, and for a soccer update....my plan last week worked, as Cameron scored 3 goals!!!!! Unfortunately, the other parents on our team must not have drilled their kids throughout the week, as those 3 goals were the only ones his team (consisting of 2 other boys) scored. The other team, however, scored at least a dozen. But considering the fact that one of Cameron's teammates literally spent more time looking for butterflies than seeking out the soccer ball, it's a wonder the other team didn't score more. Too bad I can't enlist him in my soccer boot camp.


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