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Sunday, August 21, 2005

Soccer Mom

Cameron had his first soccer game this weekend. He's #1, in the grey shorts in the pictures above. Because there weren't enough coaches, he ended up on the kindergarten team instead of the preschool team. So he's with some kids who are almost 2 years older than him. But he hustled and played hard.

Comic relief came when halftime was ending. Cameron came over to us for some water, and when the whistle blew for him to return, my husband did that "sports-male-bonding-thing" that I just don't get, hitting my son on the bottom as he ran toward the field. Cameron immediately stopped, turned around and said quite adamantly, "Hey, quit hitting my butt! Do you want me to hit your butt?" Then he trotted to his spot on the field, recounting to his teammate what his father had just done to him.

They don't "keep score" but of course we parents did. Cameron's team won by one goal (not sure the total score), but all of their goals were scored by teammate Connor. He was their offensive and defensive star.

The competitive nature in me was taking mental notes during the game, and my plan is to teach Cameron how to be more like Connor...yikes. This morning I showed him some video footage of Connor breaking away and almost scoring a goal. Maybe tomorrow we'll get out into the backyard and practice.....do some running drills, get him faster. Am I pathetic or what?

I know I shouldn't complain, but their coach is pretty lame. She's nice and all, but doesn't quite have what it takes yet to command attention from a group of kids. She didn't even meet with them after the game to debrief! The other coach had all his kids seated, and he was talking to them about good sportsmanship, etc. My husband made Cameron sit down with that team to listen to their coach! Our coach was only concerned about handing out order forms for optional sweatshirts (which are 46 BUCKS!!!!!).

I'm going to try to be nice and just be happy my son got on a team. Besides, I don't have time to complain, I have make my plan for soccer bootcamp tomorrow.


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