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Monday, August 08, 2005

Marching Out

Today I drove an hour to St. Francis to pick up 2 friends of Cameron's from his former preschool. I used to teach with their mom, and they've spent the night a couple times before. They're good kids...but boys will be boys.

I had this great idea to take them to go see March of the Penguins. It got such great reviews (although I must admit that I didn't actually read the reviews, just saw the star rating), so I figured it would be a great afternoon outing that would kill a couple hours and allow me to eat movie theatre popcorn in the process. Silly me.

I knew the movie was a documentary, but I figured it would be some cutesy kind....where they follow some penguin, give him a cute name and showing him doing all sorts of funny stunts, entertaining for a few preschoolers. WRONG!!!! Instead of watching March of the Penguins, I watched Max (who finally started walking a few days ago) waddle around the theatre (which was pretty full with mostly adults), Cameron drop his M&M's all over the floor then proceed to pick them up and eat them, Walker continually kick the seat in front of him, and Preston bob up and down in his chair, with all of them continually leaving their seat to come tell me something the other was doing. I had to leave for a few minutes to change Max's diaper (I was pissed because there was NO changing table in the bathroom, which I personally think is a crime), and when I returned to the theatre, as soon as I walked in the door, I heard my boys talking quite loudly (and they were all the way in the front). Needless to say, we didn't last, and I quickly had 4 of my own "penguins" marching out the door.


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