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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Doing a lot

These next few weeks are going to be BUSY for me.

We're going to be traveling soon...to Florida. And since the weather people are actually calling for possible snow this weekend (it was 75 degrees yesterday!), I'm more than happy to leave this state. But with that means a lot preparation, since all of the packing is my responsibility. Although Max has an assortment of Cameron's old summer clothes to choose from, Cameron and Ella both need new shorts and such. Plus everyone needs sandals and swimsuits. I'm not complaining at all. Just stating that I have a lot to do.

Also, I haven't mentioned this before, but for the past few months, I've been working on a project for a friend of mine who is a literacy professor at a university (Hi L!). I've been developing middle school and high school booklists and gathering information for each book to be used on a website to help teachers in their classrom. I REALLY enjoy doing this, since it keeps me connected to Adolescent literature while I am out of the classroom, and I think when finished, the site will be an amazing resource. But it's also a lot of work (mainly because I'm quite the inefficient worker). I've already asked for an extension on the due date of my work, so I need to just stick with my new deadline...which is the end of this month!!!! I really need to buckle down these next few days and just work, work, work.

And furthermore, our town's big Garage Sale is in 2 weeks. My Bible study group is participating in the sale in order to raise money to pay our babysitters while we meet each week to delve into the Word and support each other while we discover God's plan for our lives. I'm hosting this 9-family sale. So not only do I need to really start going through all my "treasures," but I also need to start organizing everyone else's stuff as they begin to drop their items off.

Plus, I do have 3 kids to take care of, and a husband to try to spend time with, and some clothes to wash and meals to make, etc.

My point of this blog is, if you haven't heard from me, I'm sorry! I KNOW that I owe some of you phone calls and e-mails. I know that I'm supposed to arrange some meetings with some of my acquaintances. I have on my mind the packages I need to send to my friends and family members who have just had their own little bundles of joy. So I apologize, sincerely, that I haven't responded to people in a timely manner. It's NOT because I've forgotten about you or am ignoring you.

Give me 3 weeks, please oh please, 3 weeks and I'll get my act together. If after then I haven't responded to you, then you may send me hate mail and rude messages. Then, I certainly deserve them!

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At 10:29 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'll email you- but good news that your deadline is extended (and this was before I saw your post today! You have good timing)

Tell M thanks for responding to B-


At 8:39 AM, Blogger wiferhood said...

Oh, Cari~

No worries about being busy. Heck, who isn't busy? Imagine that 10 years ago the advancement of technology was supposed to make our lives easier but we are busier than ever.

The most important thing is to take the time to enjoy what you are doing. Don't become so overwhelmed with the process that you forget to enjoy the journey. ;~D


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