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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

How does he know?

This evening, while my husband was shoveling some mulch, Cameron was staring at some goofy high school boys across the street messing around making up some game with a ball and karate nunchucks (sp?). He was mesmerized by their stupidity.

“Why are they doing that?” he asked his daddy.

“Because they’re silly little boys,” was Melvin’s response.

Cameron just looked at him and with all the wisdom in the world said, “You know you did naughty things, too.” And as he walked into the house, and we both sorta looked at him wondering what he was talking about, when he continued with, “So don’t even try it. You know when you were their age you did naughty things.”

What a perceptive little boy his is. If only he even knew the half of the naughty things his father did in high school….and I wasn’t around then, so I can only go with what he has told me.

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