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Sunday, June 03, 2007


Last night my husband and I attended a wedding reception for his nurse Maria. When the reception was winding down, we headed to a bar that was attached to the reception hall with a few of Melvin’s younger colleagues. As we headed into the place, I got carded.

did not have my license with me, because I knew I wouldn’t need it at a wedding. I told the guy I was 34… “Can’t you see my wrinkles and greys?” I laughed. He didn’t think I was funny, and told me if I didn’t have my license I couldn’t go in. Well, I thought that was ridiculous, as I don’t look like I’m twenty! And since I had already had a few drinks at the reception, I was feeling rather bold. So as he was checking everyone else’s IDs, I just walked right in, and headed to the far side of the sports bar to watch the Detroit/Cleveland Basketball game.

What I didn’t know was that as soon as I walked in, the “bouncer” immediately got on his walkie-talkie. So as I’m watching the game waiting for everyone else to join me, a police officer…a State Trooper actually, came up to me and escorted me out!

“Oh my gosh! Are you kidding me?” I said, and when we were out of the bar I pleaded my case with him. Told him how I’m obviously over 21, I’m out with my husband, I have 3 kids at home with a babysitter. I’m just trying to hang out and have fun away from all my kids for awhile…we were at a wedding so I didn’t know I’d need my wallet, etc. etc. etc. He just had a grin on his face listening to my buzz plea. He then told me that they’ve had to be really strict lately because they’ve had some problems with underage drinkers. And then he took my name and birthdate and told me to wait where I was.

A few minutes later he came back with one of those paper bracelets that granted me entrance into the dive bar and allowed me to drink.

Now I wonder if when he left the room, did he punch my info in some database that pulls up your picture and your complete life history like they do in the movies?

Or did he just leave the room to crack up laughing in hysterics that the bouncer would actually think that I would be under 21.

I’m sure the latter. I don’t think all my “anti” aging products work that well!

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At 6:25 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cari this has happened too many times over the last year..........so maybe you should just enjoy the carding and believe that you are very youthful looking!!!

At 9:17 AM, Anonymous dana said...

That never happens to me...see, you
DON'T look a day over 20!

At 5:36 PM, Blogger Jumper 2.0 said...


You graduate from college and now you think you're all old and mature! ;-)

We have you figured out! You married at 14 didn't you?

At 9:49 AM, Anonymous Rosalyn said...

I have you beat Cari. When the MGM Casino opened here a few years ago,I was carded. I was flattered and grateful. When you're as old as I am,things like that aren't quite so annoying. Why didn't you put a picture of you with this posting so we could 'see' you ?


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