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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Birthday Suit

Yesterday, Ella woke to Max's screams of, "Mommy! I see a rabbit!" (There was one hanging out in our backyard).

Cameron quickly scrambled to get her out of her crib. When he arrived in her room, he yelled down to me, "Mommy! Ella wet her bed!"

This was surprising to me, since she didn't wake up at night for milk, and I put her to bed with a dry diaper. But then Cameron continued...

"And she's also naked!"

At some point last night, that little girl unzipped her sleeper, took it all the way off, and removed her diaper entirely.
She ambled down the stairs in the nude, with giant grin across her face.

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At 12:01 AM, Anonymous Dayna said...

She and NyCee are going to get along just fabulously.

The other day, she managed to wiggle out of her bedtime shorts and proceeded to hand them to me after she took them off. What was that about?

LJ comments that she has been here before in a previous life because she is entirely too smart for a 14 month old.

At 10:01 AM, Blogger Caro said...

Little ones love being naked, don't they?

It's a good thing they look so cute when they are.


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