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Friday, November 10, 2006

My swimming fish

While in Florida, we took a break from the parks one day to hang around our resort's swimming pool. Neither or my boys have any fear of water. Max walked right in and didn't stop until he was up to his ears! Then he just played at that level most of the day.

Cameron can swim a little, but thinks he's an expert swimmer. I tubed with him around the lazy river...but he seemed to think it was more of a "crazy river." He did so much twisting and turning in and out of his tube, I was on edge the entire time. And instead of allowing me to relax and just float with the tide, he wanted me to chase him. Although I usually would spend the majority of my day just cruising along in my tube, with Cameron, I could only make it through once before I just had to get out of there and into "safer" waters. In this picture he's "trying" to look tough, but instead he looks like a synchronized swimmer.

Ella was the only one who didn't feel the need to submerge her whole body into the pool. She did a lot of crawling and splashing in the water, but she was quite content to do this along the edges.


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