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Sunday, August 13, 2006

Home sweet home

On Saturday, Melvin wanted to go on a fishing trip with Cameron up at Breezy Point (about 2 ½ hours away). Then he thought it would be fun if we all went up as a family and rented a place for the night.

The owners in this place had an interest in geese. Why in the world anyone would mount a ceramic goosehead above the kitchen sink is beyond my comprehension!

Cam and Melvin went fishing yesterday, and then this morning Melvin went fishing alone. I am very happy that he’s finally doing something he enjoys that is not work. He needs to relax and have more fun. So if fishing is his hobby of choice…so be it.

However, during the 3+ hours that he was out on the fishing boat in the rain, I was in the “toyless” cabin with my 3 children, a drowning hazard just a few feet from our backyard. During this time, Max dumped out a bag of Chex Mix, and spread it across the coffee table so he could retrieve the pretzels more efficiently. He also filled a basket with toilet paper and poured his juice box into it. Later he found a brass goose container and squeezed half my tube of toothpaste into its “belly”. And at some point, he found a small castor kettle decoration, filled it with Ella’s rattles and a bunch of puzzle pieces he found in a cabinet, then mixed in a pile of wet wipes, soaking all the puzzle pieces. When he wasn’t finding so many “fun” things to do, he was feeding Ella puzzle pieces, screaming for a 3rd single-size box of cereal to pour in his bowl or pulling utensils out of the kitchen drawers, including knives, to use as back scratchers.

My husband is always talking about wanting to get a cabin on a lake. He can’t seem to understand why this does not excite me.


At 10:23 PM, Blogger Carolyn said...

I shouldn't laugh but I am.

At 10:17 PM, Blogger Grace said...

Ha ha ha... Now that is very funny! Breezy Point is actually quite fun! My whole [boring and weird] family goes up there during the fourth of July every year because of my [crazy] aunt and uncle. They have some places up there and my aunt is a clown in the parade... but she is the best clown... (but I still say I am adopted)


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