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Friday, May 05, 2006

My crazy kids

Max has always been a stubborn little booger. When he was a baby, he refused to eat his rice cereal…not the plain kind, not the apple flavored kind, not the banana flavored kind. Sometimes, I could mix it with his applesauce and he’d eat it, but the mix was probably 5 parts fruit to one part cereal. Any more than that, and he wouldn’t eat it.

So today, when I fed Ella some plain boring rice cereal for the very first time, guess who insists on having some of his own? He even went into the drawer, retrieved a bowl and spoon and continued to shove it in my face until I shared Ella’s food with him.

“Fine, you can have some,” I relented, pouring some of the drippy substance into his bowl, “but you’re not going to like it.”

And of course he proves me wrong, finishes his serving and then demands more.


I’ve stated in a previous post that Max likes to throw things over the banister. Before it was stuffed animals. Today it was books.

I marched up the stairs, got down on his level, looked directly in his eyes (as learned from SuperNanny) and before I could say anything, he pointed his own finger and blurted out, “Bad Boy! Bad Boy!” with a big smile. This is what he says all the time now whenever he does something wrong. It’s so hard not to laugh.


Ella turns over now.

The problem is, once she turns over, she has nothing to do, since she can’t crawl yet. So she turns, and then screams. We turn her back, and immediately, she turns to her belly again…then screams. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.


Today, on Cinco de Mayo, my husband was on call. Since we couldn’t go out and “celebrate” I asked him to at least make me a margarita at home.

He obliged and promised to make a “masterpiece” of a margarita. He added all the ingredients into the shaker and started shaking, and shaking, and shaking, bragging about his concoction. Then suddenly, the shaker slipped from his hands and margarita mix flew everywhere!

After hearing my husband’s yell, Cameron came bounding down the steps and asked what happened. After hearing what Melvin did, he said with authority, “Daddy, if you’re going to spill your drink, maybe you should start using a sippy cup!”


At 9:36 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey, got your call last night. thanks for the advice..though we are up on our info to that point. i'm sure you'll have other suggestions we'll need soon. and yes, i've completely taken over kitty litter changing duties...for all seven of them!!


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