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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Birthday #5

Ever since last OCTOBER, when one of Cameron’s friends mentioned something about his birthday party, Cameron has been fanatical with the day. Way back in the fall he started asking how much longer until his birthday (which is at the end of May). He really has no concept of months, so telling him in 7 months was futile. My husband told him after the snow melted his birthday would come. Well, Cameron took this literally. One day we had an unseasonably warm day in February, melting much of the snow, and Cameron was tickled pink, “Mommy! Mommy! Is it my birthday tomorrow?”

Now that May is upon us, he is certifiably obsessed with his birthday. He talks about it EVERYDAY and somehow thinks that everything I mention is related to his birthday. I show him some cute giraffe cupcakes in a magazine and the first thing out of his mouth, “Are you making these for my birthday?” (Of course not…that’s what bakeries are for). I order some pizza for dinner and he comments, “I want this kind of pizza for my party.” (I don’t recall agreeing to pizza at the party, let alone giving him a choice of the kind). He even handed me a piece of paper and a pen so that I could write down the list of who he was inviting to his party (because this list was much more important than the dinner I was trying to cook with Max and Ella also vying for my attention). By the way, the list topped over 20 kids, and he continues to think of more people each day to invite. I’m afraid of leaving anyone out or hurting anyone’s feelings, so I’ll let his list be larger than I probably should, but I draw the line at inviting kids he hasn’t spoken to in over a year, and those whose name he doesn’t even know (“You know, Mom, that one girl who parks next to us at Bible study, with the blond hair and she was at our house one time playing with Max).

The other day we received an Oriental Trading Company catalog in the mail that was dedicated to selling themed birthday items. His eyes, and pen, were glued to the magazine, ignoring even his favorite TV shows. He started circling everything he wanted to have at his party. As I glance through the catalog now, I see we have some narrowing of party supplies to discuss (okay, A LOT of narrowing to do). So far he has circled Sponge Bob goodie bags, dolphin goodie bags, neon monkey goodie bags, Lil Bratz goodie bags, Dora goodie bags, ladybug goodie bags, Chicken Little goodie bags, Baby Einstein goodie bags, Sesame Street goodie bags, Elmo goodie bags, Madagascar goodie bags, Scooby Doo goodie bags, Star Wars goodie bags, Batman goodie bags, Harry Potter goodie bags, Power Rangers goodie bags, Frog goodie bags, Fantastic Four goodie bags, The Incredibles goodie bags, Rocket Ship goodie bags, Volley ball goodie bags, bowling ball goodie bags, Cat’s Meow goodie bags, Bunco Bash goodie bags, “It’s My Birthday” goodie bags, and even Graduation goodie bags. Those are just the bags. I could go on with the assortment of party plates and hats and balloons and napkins, and signs, and prizes that he circled, but I’ll spare you such humor.

When I told Cameron that there was no way we were getting all of that for his party, he simply stated, “Okay. Well, just X out the things that I can’t get, then.”

It’s going to be a long month!


At 7:40 AM, Anonymous Jaye said...

The birthday thing NEVER ENDS. Nia's birthday is during the holidays (just far enough away from Christmas to be outside the fray), so it's Christmas, New Year's, Nia's bday (they're all exactly 1 week apart!). I STILL get reminders, even after 23 years, for whatever reason (like I wasn't there_.

BUT, it's still not as bad as the reminder of May 20th (Keiko & Cam have the same bday - maybe it's just the day). Like I wasn't there for her birth and I don't have the scars to prove it. Like I would forget somehow. Her rationale: "Well, you forgot YOUR birthday." (THAT was for good reason - I'm older and stopped counting once I hit a certain age [30]). The presents get larger and more expensive, and so do the parties (the circle of friends grows exponentially!). When the girls were younger, I stuck to the rule, "The age of the child plus one." I kept my sanity (and some of my money), and the kids still had fun. We didn't have a big blowout until 16 and up, but they were more fun, too (people still talk about those parties and want us to have more!).

Keep the party size manageable, and/or take them outside of your home, and pay someone to run the party for you! You may spend more, but hey, you don't have to clean up! We just went to Randy, Jr's birthday party at a sports center and had the best time! It's easier for Cam to be the center of attention when there aren't a lot of people vying for it. He'll feel special and you'll come out unscathed, for the most part. Pray and think about it. He'll have more birthdays - save the bigger ones for when he's older (and Max & Ella are older, too).....

Now, to figure out my budget for Keiko's gift (thank God she already has a car!)....

At 10:01 AM, Blogger Cari said...

I was hoping that as they got older, they'd go for the "I'll just have a few friends spend the night" routine...that's what I did. Maybe now it's different.

At 10:21 AM, Anonymous dana said...


Now, since Chelsea has gotten older....she reminds me for 1/2 the year that it is her birthday...but the parties have gotten more simple...pizza with the friends (outside the house without mom) and cake at home!! Can't beat that!!


At 11:31 AM, Blogger mi said...

Ever since Hayden's birthday last month he randomly tells people "Happy to you!" I guess it's just the beginning....!

At 1:16 PM, Anonymous Jaye said...

Whatever you decide - set the precedent NOW. As the girls got older, we didn't have a party every year, either. They each got one big bash. For Keiko's 16th, we all went to the spa.....soooo nice (that will be a treat for just you and Ella!).


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