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Sunday, April 30, 2006


This weekend, amongst all the fatigue, all the tantrums, all the mess that seems to be accumulating in my house, I had 2 very bright spots.

1. Friday night I watched a movie that I've had out from Netflix for almost a month now. My husband made me leave all the "stuff" that needed to be done to just sit, have a glass of wine and watch Pride and Prejudice. The best part was that we watched it, uninterrupted, without having to rock anyone or nurse anyone or tend to any screaming children.

2. Saturday night we got a babysitter, and my husband and I went out to eat (with Ella in tow...there's only one babysitter who we let watch all 3 of our kids together...and she's been out of commission because of a surgery). We ate at a restaurant on the river in Stillwater. How nice it was to not have to chase any munchkins around the dining room who feel the need to say HI and BYE to everyone in view. We had no drinks knocked over, no one putting their fingers all in my food making pyramids and no one complaining about some spice in the food that makes it "too fizzy."

I love my kids dearly...but I do need more times like this.


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