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Monday, May 01, 2006

1 1/2 going on 16

Besides by the calendar(21 1/2 months), I can really tell that Max is getting older. Part of it is because he's talking a lot more now, and part of it is because he has a shorter haircut that makes him look older. But mostly, I can tell that he's approaching two because of all the things he now insists on doing (or trying to do) by himself.

No more sharing for Max. If we have a drink, he must have a drink...his own. And he'll carry it around, not giving it up for anything...so don't even try to pry it from his hands or even put a lid on it.

He will now sit through at least half of the Teletubbies without me needing to sit with him. He even sings some of the opening song.

On any playstructure, he will do all the big kid activities...climb the highest ropes, slide down the longest slides, jump on the biggest inflatables. Sometimes his brother "coaxes" him along (re: pushes him down the slide). But he does it all with a smile, and usually heads back for more.

When in Florida, he finally let us put in his earplugs and discovered the pool. He walked right out toward the deeper end, and hated that we would not let go of him in water over his head. Copying his brother, he jumped right in the pool, and no matter how much water he swallowed, he climbed out and jumped in some more. At a roller skating party yesterday, we asked for the smallest pair of skates, and Max willingly allowed me to put them on. He "skated" with some help from me...although he was constantly getting angry that I wouldn't let go of him. He was banging up my ankles pretty badly with the skate wheels, so this first attempt at skating was short lived. But he had fun.

I do however have to draw the line with his latest "big boy" activity. Today, I sent the boys out to the car while I got Ella settled in her carseat, poured myself some coffee, used the bathroom, packed the diaper bag...the usual last minute things I can't seem to be able to do unless the boys are out in the car and not nipping at my heels. Today I wasn't sure where my keys were, but as I was getting Ella settled into her place in the minivan, Max popped his head up from my driver's seat and greeted me with a huge grin and some clapping. When I looked to see what he was cheering himself for, I discovered this:

He even had the right key!

I'm glad he's getting older...and no one wants these terrible tantrum years to pass more quickly than I do. But I can certainly wait...a long time...before the day comes when he officially gets behind the wheel.


At 7:36 AM, Anonymous dana said...

I am so excited to see that little guy....boy does he have lots of character!! Dana

At 9:19 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i remember some pretty scary incidents of two year olds, with keys, in the drivers seat of a car on capri lane. better keep those things in sight!


At 4:18 PM, Blogger Grace said...

Hey, I drived when I was his age. But I had this little car, made noises... Pathetic me

At 8:48 PM, Blogger Cari said...

I don't remember, Scott. What happened?


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