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Friday, April 14, 2006

Lost and some found

Today has been a day of losing things.

Things lost:
1. Ella lost her shoe as I was jogging with her around a local lake in her running stroller.
2. I lost my temper when Cameron burped directly in my face.
3. I lost my driver's license. Looked in my wallet, and amongst all the receipts it was no where to be found.
4. Max lost his mind, as he was shoving handfuls of gravel into his mouth at the park.
5. I lost my glasses.

Things found:
1. I didn't notice that Ella lost her shoe until I was done with my 2nd lap around the 2+ mile lake. I wasn' t about to go around again to find it. $4.99 at Target...it can be replaced.
2. I regained my temper, and Cameron and I had a good day, as he played nicely with his brother and friends.
3. I found my driver's license in another bag that I carry to and fro. I guess my wallet had emptyied some of its contents in the bag as it toppled over. I think it's time I get a wallet with a snap. Losing my license would have been a disaster if I hadn't found it, becase we're going to Florida on Monday, and we all know that you can't get on an airplane without your license. (Unless of course you get a speeding ticket in Detroit and they take your license if you don't pay with cash on the spot. Then, instead of an official picture ID, you can just use your ticket as a substitute to make it through security...how ridiculous and unsecure is that!)
4. Max regained his senses as he hugged me before bedtime and repeated, "Love you" to me and gave me a big squeeze.
5. My glasses are still lost, and I'm pretty blind without them. I can barely read what I've written here. So I will stop writing and continue looking. I should probably check out the trash where I found one of Max's cups today.


At 8:57 PM, Blogger Cari said...

Update: My glasses have been found. After saying prayers with Cameron at bedtime, and praying specifically to help guide me to my glasses, I found them. They were under a couch cushion...and had been sat on several times. But adjustments are free.

At 7:42 AM, Anonymous dana said...

I LOVE to hear when prayers are answered!!

Love, Dana


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