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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Max's Usual

Now that we’re outside almost everyday, Max has found quite a few backyard adventures to keep me busy. This includes: running into the street, running past the property line of trees toward the ponds where the ducks are, running into the neighbor’s yard climbing on their retaining wall to view their fenced in pool, loading rocks into a bucket from the front and dumping them in the grass out back, and licking, sucking on and chewing any rock he can find. My image of basking in the sun on a blanket with little Ella while the boys hang out on the playset is merely a mirage.

Now one would think that with all of this outside action, Max would be too exhausted to perform any of his usual inside shenanigans (See March 15), and he would welcome the opportunity to relax in front of the TV. Silly me to think this.

Tonight, he didn’t seem to like the pasta I had made him, and apparently he didn’t think that Cameron would like his either. While I was nursing Ella in the family room, Max literally was tossing his and his brother’s pasta. It ended up all over the kitchen table, all over his chair, all over the floor and some strings even managed to reach the middle island and were just hanging down from the granite. I guess he REALLY didn’t like it.

And the other day when I was in our basement office trying to help out a neighbor by printing something offline for her, Max was in the kitchen creating his own kind of fun. Cameron managed to peel himself away from “Dragon Tales” just long enough to see what Max was laughing about. When I finally emerged from downstairs, Cameron ran over to me and said with great enthusiasm, “Hey, Mom! I didn’t know you got us a new toy! What is it?” I had no idea what he was talking about, until I sauntered into the kitchen to find this:

Max had managed to open up the dishwasher (which he had just “helped” me empty, thank goodness), and removed the entire bottom crate to wheel all around the kitchen floor.

Outside or Inside...Max will be Max.


At 7:18 AM, Blogger andrea said...

oh boy. you've got quite the little macgyver, don't you?

and my mom used to take one look at messes like your spaghetti disaster and declare it was more preferable to move than deal with the cleaning :)

At 8:16 AM, Blogger Cari said...

Oh my, I'd be moving everyday!!!!


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