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Monday, March 06, 2006

My guilty pleasure

Reasons to Watch Flavor of Love over the Bachelor

It has a cheesy commercial with a catchy tune that you find yourself singing all day....Savor the flavor...the flavor of love.

Instead of giving out a rose, Flav gives you a big fat/phat clock with your picture on it. And if you don’t get one, “Your time is up!”

If you are eliminated that episode, Flav pours out a bottle of champagne in your memory. How sweet is that!

You don’t have to worry about any of the contestants having the same name, since Flav gave them all nicknames in the first episode. Who can forget names like Hottie, Smiley, New York, and Hoopz.

You don’t have to feel bad that you don’t have a Size Zero body, since most of the contestants don’t either.

It can easily fit with your TV schedule. If you miss it Sunday at its regular time, you can catch it again late that night or it’s on twice again on Monday. Or since it’s on VH-1, there’s sure to be a Flavor of Love marathon one of these weekends.

When Flav meets the parents, instead of being all proper and excited for their daughter as on the Bachelor, one of the mom flirts with Flav the entire time and even said, “If my daughter doesn’t want him, I’ll take him,” and the other one, who forbids the relationship says to her daughter, “We’ll look back on this and laugh.”

You have to actually use your brain when watching it…to synthesize information in order to fill in all the “bleeps” from the editing of the language.

Since they live in the house with Flav, and often have sleepovers, you don’t have to wait until the “Fantasy Suite” episode to see who’s a slut.

The ex-girlfriend (Bridgette Nielson) comes on the show and gives the contestant lie dectors tests…where you learn that one contestant is a pathological liar, one is a former stripper who is still in love with her ex-husband and another had sex on a previous reality show.

The last two contestants get a mold taken of their teeth, so they too can sport a gold smile.

Girls who get kicked off don’t walk away gracefully, but rather spit wet loogies on other contestants who remain.

You can catch the recap show tonight on VH-1 if you missed it last night, and then the finale the following week. I’m definitely torn about who I want to “win.” Usually I’d choose the pretty, sweet, down-to-earth one over the rude psycho one. But if you consider the “prize” I’m not sure anyone really wins!


At 8:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh my god you're a bad person for watching that show!! it's so bad. i really think it pushes the line of defining "reality tv". it's so forced and fake that it's hard to call it reality. i watched one episode and was totally creeped out by one of them making out with flavor flav in the bathtub that i felt like i was watching a little girl getting exploited and molested by a gross uncle or something. i'm NOT kidding about that. it left a very uneasy feeling in my stomach. i mean, i know i shouldnt expect anything more from popular tv, but come on, that whole show is support for objectifying women as mindless, catty, sex-slaves. it's horrible!! and as much as i love Public Enemy and flavor flav, he's the biggest "slut" on that show.

uh! just thinking about it makes me feel gross!!!...scott

At 8:35 PM, Blogger Cari said...

See my first post about this show on Jan. 23..."Tasteless Flavor".

And you'll probably be even more disappointed to know what I'm watching right now....The Apprentice.

Check your e-mail.

At 7:58 AM, Anonymous dana said...

Whats wrong with The Apprentice?? Except for Donald Trump's hair??

Love ya, Dana


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