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Monday, February 27, 2006

Detroit Drama

I told my husband that next time we have to go through all this trouble of traveling with the 3 kiddos, it better be to some Caribbean Island for a few weeks, and someone else is there with us watching the kids!!!! The trip was exhausting!

Not that we didn’t have a good time…because we certainly did. We went to Detroit for a 50th Wedding Anniversary celebration for Melvin’s grandparents (I’ll share pictures in another post). We hadn’t been there as a family since June, so it was good to see everyone again, and Cameron absolutely loves playing all day and night with his cousins. Melvin hand fun hanging out with his family reminiscing and listening to everyone tell us they're going to come visit us in the summer (but that's what they said last year, too) Ella loved all the attention from everyone, and Max had a great time with his Auntie Phoebe.

Although the whole plane trip was no barrel of fun, we survived it. It was the hotel stay that was the hardest. Having 3 kids in one room, especially Max’s age, is basically ridiculous. We had 2 cribs, one for Ella and one for Max, but since Max could see us, he was not about to lay down and go to sleep. So then we’d try to put him in bed with Cameron, but since he wasn’t confined with bars, he decided it would be more fun to run around the room, play with the telephone, turn on the radio, throw things in the toilet, try to get out the door, basically do anything but sleep, So then we’d put him back in the crib, where he’d proceed to scream until we tried to put him in bed with us, but then he’d crawl out and continue his safari around the room. And then we’d put him back in the crib, where the crying would start again. Plus, he would immediately throw out his pillow, blanket and pacifier, clearly letting us know that he had no intention of sleeping in that crib. We went through a couple rounds of this. Finally, after letting him cry for about 15 minutes (thankfully not waking up Cameron or Ella), I put him back in bed with Cameron, and he decided to give up the fight and just go to sleep. And I was finally able to settle in for a brief nap…until Ella started waking up her handful of times each night to feed.

And that was just the night time drama. The breakfast buffet each morning was an event in and of itself, resulting one time in a police officer coming to my (or Max’s) rescue. But I’m too exhausted to write about that. Hopefully tonight, with everyone in their separate spaces, I’ll be able to catch some zzzzz’s.


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