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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Cheers to 34 years!

Today is my husband's birthday. 34 years old. Happy Birthday to him.

Unfortunately, our birthday celebration plans aren't going to work out as I had planned them...for the 2nd year in a row!

Last year, I made reservations at this trendy, fancy-schmancy restaurant in Minneapolis. However, that day our babysitter called to say she was sick and couldn't watch the kids. We decided to take them with us. HUGE MISTAKE! Max was only about 8 months, and as we were leaving to attempt to make our reservation within the 15 minute grace period, he had diarrhea leak all out his diaper onto his and my clothes. I quickly rinsed him in our laundry sink, changed him and me and we headed to the restaurant, where he managed to do it again. Because this definitely was not a kids' restaurant, there were no changing tables in the bathroom, and I had to work with his squirmy body on the bathroom floor. Then back at the table, he threw up everytime I tried to give him a bottle, which I felt the need to do because if he wasn't drinking, he was screaming. Cameron was not at all interested in being in this restaurant and was falling out of his chair, knocking over his drink, lying on the floor, etc. Another typical Ashford dinner. An unhappy birthday celebration to say the least.

This year, we had tickets to an INXS concert for the beginning of February. Melvin doesn't even listen to their music, but he knew I really liked them, so he agreed to go with me. However, the concert was post-poned due to an illness and the rescheduled date fell right on his birthday. I told him we could cancel the tickets, but he said no, although I could hear the hint of disappointment that he was going to spend his birthday at a rock concert listening to "white music."

To make the evening more special, I decided to make reservations at the same trendy, fancy-schmancy restaurant we attempted to celebrate at the previous year. Despite my last minute planning, they had a reservation available and everything. But then everything started to fall apart. Instead of Max being sick this year, it's Ella. However, we thought that if she was feeling better, we'd still go, because we totally love and trust our babysitter, and know she'd be able to do the whole nebulizer treatment if needed. But then she called to tell us that she couldn't make it because her uncle had just passed away. And although she suggested a back-up babysitter for us, with our baby so sick, we didn't feel comfortable having anyone with our kids but her.

I've tried to make the day somewhat special. Yesterday I decorated and left some gifts at his office. Cameron and I made him a fruit pancake with candles this morning (but he got called to a delivery and didn't get to eat it). Cameron made him a "Doctor Book" (with one page saying "This is a picture of a man who threw up all the way up to the ceiling). Since he was so tired I'm giving him time to nap. We're going to order in some Red Lobster, and hopefully watch a movie while sipping some wine while the kids are sleeping. Nothing too exciting, but when your kiddos are sick, what can you do?

I'll end with a cheesy acrostic poem:
M -- Magnificent Man
E -- Eloquent Speaker
L -- Loving
V -- Very Handsome
I -- Incredibly Intelligent
N -- Never Wrong (so he thinks!)

Happy Birthday Honey! (and his response will be, Thanks Syrup).


At 5:39 PM, Anonymous Mom said...

You know Cari, I think all the special thoughts and attempts to make Melvin's birthday memorable is what counts. Hopefully everyone goes to sleep early tonight and you two can enjoy your movie and each other. You are not only a great Mom but also a thoughtful and beautiful wife. Happy Birthday Melvin!


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