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Monday, January 09, 2006


Someone just informed me that Max had Glue Ear, not Gummy Ear...my bad. They both start with G, both have a U in them; they're both sticky...close enough.


Max has added a new word to his vocabulary. Now he can say SpongeBob and Cheese. Woo hoo! Still no Mama, yet.


According to Cameron, it's just not enough anymore that I take my kids to these great indoor play places...places that didn't even exist where I grew up. After he was complaining how incredibly bored he was at home this afternoon, I informed him that tomorrow we were going to Eagle's Nest. His response, "Yeah, but is there going to be anyone there for me to play with?"


My undomestic abilities were quite evident in my Let's Dish Beef Stroganoff that I was bragging about in my last post. I guess when I assembled the meal, I put too much beef base or salt (or both) because no matter how much extra water I added to the meal, it still tasted like a saltlick.


Ella slept through the night last night. Max didn't, but one of two isn't bad.


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