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Thursday, December 29, 2005

cute couture

Blogging is harder now. Mainly because I seem to be holding or nursing Ella all the time, which means I only have one hand to type. And I don' t have the patience to type that way.

Anyhow, I bought my first of probably many frivolous outfits for my little girl. When I used to shop for clothes for the boys I always said to myself that it was a good thing I didn't have a girl, because I'd go crazy in Gymboree buying such cute clothes and accessories. Well, now I have my little girl.

The other day I saw this lady in Kowalski's (a fancy schmancy grocery store around here..complete with an Aveda store and Salon in the middle of the building), who was holding a baby wearing the cutest outfit...a pink sweater with footed pants that had pink and orange stripes with a matching stocking cap. So darling, that I actually asked her where she bought it (and I rarely talk to strangers). Baby Gap she told me.

So a couple days later when I was taking my niece to the mall to get her iPod fixed
(another story in itself), we were standing in line for a Caribou coffee, and I looked around the premises and what did I see? A Baby Gap of course! I gave Chelsea my coffee order and money and made a beeline to the store. Since I didn't have my older monsters with me, I figured this would be one of my few chances to shop. And right in the back was the pink and orange striped outfit...and it was on sale!!!!! The entire purchase was almost 40 dollars...more than I'd normally spend on baby clothes...but I just had to do it!

Then yesterday when I was taking my niece to the airport, I was without my older monsters again, so I decided to take a few moments to myself and browse through the stores I never normally get to go into. I came across this story called Fly Baby that had the cutest clothes I had ever seen. My buying impulses perked up as I thought about how darling Ella would look in the fuzzy fuschia sweater and black velvet pants. As I walked in the store, sales people swarmed me, noticing I had a baby (who happened to be wearing the Gap outfit mentioned above). The must of seen the gleam in my eyes as I looked through the clothes, because they seemed ready to collect their commission.

Now I'm a little Ga-ga over girls clothes....but I'm not ridiculously stupid and over the top. Taking one look at the price tags on the most adorable clothes I'd ever seen, and suddenly they didn't seem so cute anymore. There was no way I was going to pay $98 for a baby outfit...something she'd wear for a few months. NO WAY!!!

I know I haven't gotten much sleep lately, and my judgement may be somewhat impaired, but I haven't completely lost all of my senses.


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It begins.....hahahahaha!


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Sorry, I meant to laugh THIS way:



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