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Saturday, December 24, 2005

Jennifer Aniston and I can sulk together

One of the worst parts about being pregnant (for me anyhow) is the weight gain. And that's the worst part about not being pregnant anymore...losing the weight. However, I was pretty fortunate this time, in that I didn't gain too much weight. Which means that I have a lot less to lose. As a matter of fact, a mere 2 1/2 weeks after delivering Ella, today, I was able to squeeze into a pair of pants that I purchased 2 months after my pregnancy with Max.

So I was feeling pretty good about myself.

Until I see the movie Mr. & Mrs. Smith, where I get to stare at Angelina Jolie for 2 hours. That's enough to shoot my hightened self-esteem back to square one.....or maybe even further than that. Damn she's perfect.


At 10:35 AM, Anonymous Kimberly M. said...

Hey, Cari! It's Kimberly, from Spa. :) Too funny...you and I both watch Mr. and Mrs. Smith on the same night!!

Think about it this way, it doesn't matter if you just had a baby two weeks ago or two months ago or two years ago...Angelina Jolie hasn't birthed ANY babies from that petite body of hers AND she has millions of dollars for a personal trainer and chef, to boot!!

Oh, what being a millionaire could do to our bodies!!! :) :) :)

May God bless you AND your beautiful child-birthing body today!!! :)


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