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Monday, January 16, 2006


I know several of you are checking my site to see some updated baby pictures. Well, here's the problem (s).

1. My digital camera is still lost. I should just buckle down and get a new one, but I want a good one....one that has a good zoom and does not have a delay. This would require spending a decent amount of money on it. Therefore, I'd feel less guilty if I ask for it as a birthday gift than just spending such a large amount to replace a lost item. (Any suggestions for one I should purchase?).

2. My regular camera is broken. Monster Max pulled it off the counter top, dropping it onto the ground, causing the film to rewind and the back door to be permanently stuck. This was not a cheap camera to begin with, so I must find a shop to get it fixed (if it can even be salvaged). Anyhow, until I get around to doing that, the film will be stuck inside, with lovely pictures that no one will be viewing anytime soon.

3. My mom (who is here all month and has saved my sanity for now), has a digital camera I could use. HOWEVER, she has OVER 200 pictures saved on it. And even though all the pictures are downloaded onto her computer at home, and I also downloaded them onto my computer here, she is afraid to delete them from her camera. Therefore, EVERY TIME I take a picture and want to use it on my computer, I must wait until her camera downloads all 200+ for me to view. Then I must go through all those pictures and "uncheck" all those that have already been downloaded so they will delete from my computer. It's such a long process, and just not worth the end result. I nag and make fun of her all the time, but she still won't delete the pictures. But really, what's the use of a digital camera if you're not going to actually DO anything with the pictures?

So I do apologize for the lack of photos to share. Hopefully I'll get my camera fixed soon. Until then, just imagine the cutest little 6 week old, with bright eyes and lots of black hair and add the loveliest smile you've ever seen. That's my Ella Helene.


At 7:12 PM, Blogger LH said...

i'm thinking a BRAND NEW camera is the way to go here. time's a wastin, my friend. ihaven't seen a foto of that ella kid for several weeks. Please, let's remedy this situation.


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