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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Money Sense

Out of the blue, Cameron told me today that there were 3 ways you could get money.

1. You could go to a restaurant and you can get money there (we had just read a book where someone wanted to get a tip, but the boy had no money. So the girl chased him with a pot...Cameron thought this was hilarious).

2. You can be a doctor and help people, and you can get money that way.

3. Or you can clean someone's house and get money.

I laughed and told him that you can get money doing any kind of job, not just the ones he mentioned.

Immediately he responded by saying, "But my job is to help you change Max's diaper, and I don't get money."

Ooops...maybe not any job...or maybe I should be giving him some money. It's not too fun to hold Max's hands above his head while I attempt to change his stinking diaper as he wriggles all around trying to get free.


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