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Saturday, October 29, 2005

"I can read!"

Cameron read his first book last night. It was so exciting. Granted, it was one of those small, phonics readers with only a handful of words used over and over, but he read it nonetheless. And he didn't memorize it; he actually sounded out the words. This summer we started a book called, Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons. It's part of the DiStar program. I'm not a fan of canned "programs," but since I'm not an elementary teacher, I didn't really know how to transition Cameron from knowing sounds to reading words. With all that has been going on lately, we've only been through Lesson 2o. I find the lessons quite boring, but Cameron just recently has taken an interest in them, and so far, it's actually working. I'm quite proud of him.

Max's latest endeavor has been in the bathtub. He has perfected splashing. Now he doesn't just splash around a little. Oh no, he pounds in the water as hard and as fast as he can for as long as he can. You can just see his little devious mind going when he gets in that water. He looks at me, gets this big grin, and then just starts splashing. Yesterday it was to the point where I managed to get his hair lathered up, but I just had to get him out of the splash pool he was creating. So I just had to assume that he managed to get his body clean with all the swishing of the water. For goodness sake, there was water dripping down the wall that was 5 feet away from all of his commotion. No matter how many times I grabbed his hands and said a firm, "No" he just laughed and did it harder. Of course it didn't help that Cameron, who was also in the tub, just laughed and laughed at Max's actions.

Looks like we might be just sticking to showers for a while.


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