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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Magnetic Music

Have I ever mentioned how wonderful it is to have a husband who can play the piano AND sing!!!! We finally had our piano tuned this weekend, and my husband actually took some time out of his busy schedule to just play and perform. It was wonderful background music as I typed away at my weekly grad school reflections.

Me, well, I have NO "beauty pagent" talent. Although, in 3rd grade I was in a talent show..as a magician's assistant. My best friend, the magician, didn't cut me in half or anything. I just wore some silly dance-type outfit and handed her the needed supplies. I even got to hold the balloon, as she poked a pin through it (which waited to pop the moment we stepped off stage).

Since I lack such talent, I am in complete awe of those who are so musically inclined. I used to tell my male students who moaned about having to take lessons, that playing the piano was a true "chick magnet." It worked for my husband.

On a totally different subject, here's an interaction between my husband and son in the car today.

After I just told Cameron take his finger out of his nose.
"Cameron, why do you always pick your nose?" my husband asks in disgust.
"Because there are a lot of boogers up there," my son replies matter-of-factly.
Some questions you just shouldn't ask.


At 9:58 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


I didn't know Melvin could sing. I want to hear him sometime.

Love, Dana


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