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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Future Grocery Store Worker???

When you have kids, sometimes you need to put things up, away and out of reach of those little hands. For some people it might be some valuable family heirlooms. For others it might be the sharp knife set. In my house, it’s……


If Max finds a bag, he feels it’s his duty to fill it. And he fills it with whatever he can find. It might be some puzzle pieces, his legos, or some other toys. Or maybe some stuffed animals and books. Sometimes in these bags I might find a bracelet of mine, the contents of my wallet, or my keys. If it’s in reach, he thinks it’s fair game as a bag filler.

This wouldn’t be such a bad thing if he just filled up one bag. But he fills up ANY and EVERY bag he can find. Whether it be a shopping bag, a tote bag, a gift bag, or even a Ziploc bag.

His favorite bag seems to be my Tiffany bag (the one I received from the Nike Women’s Marathon), which I’d rather him not touch since it’s probably the only one I’ll ever have in my possession. But no matter where I put it, he always seems to find it!

Ella likes bags, too. But the only thing she likes to put in them is……



At 7:56 AM, Anonymous dana said...

OR....Max is going to be a baglady!!


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