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Sunday, February 04, 2007

Punk rocker

Cameron has curly hair….which I love. I basically don’t have to do anything to it, and it looks fine….one less thing we have to worry about in the morning.

However, Cameron wants straight hair. He wants hair that he can “do” and brush and mess around with in the morning. He used to rub his head along the carpet, trying to straighten out his curls. And if we cut it short enough, it does appear straight.

But that is no longer good enough for Cameron. Recently, he has decided that he wants a MOHAWK! I have no idea where he got this idea from, but at the end of the summer he begged for one. But there was no way I was going to send him to kindergarten with a Mohawk. And then there were school pictures, and then the holidays. And now that all of that is over, he continues to ask for one every time we go to the Kid’s Hair.

Personally, I have no problem with it now. I’d rather him get it out of his system now than when he’s a teenager and demands one! However, his father believes otherwise. The other night Cameron again asked why he couldn’t have a Mohawk. Melvin responded that doctors don’t have Mohawks. My mumbled response was that he’s five, not a doctor. But Cameron’s very clear and loud response was, “How are you going to tell me what my job is going to be? Your dad didn’t tell you what you had to be, did he?” He was quite emphatic with his statement, all big eyed and serious. Melvin just laughed, yet still denied the Mohawk request.

So instead of actually having a Mohawk cut, Cameron and I have tried to “make” a Mohawk using various brushes, gels, hairsprays, etc. Our last attempt involved using a product called “hair glue.” It worked as well as it could on hair like Cameron’s, but it seriously defied gravity on his friend Ben’s hair.

It didn’t do anything to Max’s head, which has tighter curls than Cameron, except make his curls hard as rocks…which only caused him to scream, “I want a mohawk!” over and over no matter how many times I explained to him that his hair was too short and too curly for such a do. I didn’t give in this time….I couldn’t!

I was hoping that this little adventure into creating our Mohawks would at least settle Cameron’s craving for a real one at least for now. But we walk into the kindergarten room at church today and who does he see, a boy with a freshly shaved Mohawk. ”Look at him!” Cameron said with the utmost excitement.

Great, I thought to myself…and so the hair battle continues.


At 2:21 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

the hair style you have sculpted for cameron is actually called a "fauxhawk" as in "fake mohawk". it involves the centerline spike, but without shaving the sides off...so as to allow for a safe re-entry into "acceptable" hair if one so chooses. fauxhawks are for wusses mind you. visit any frat house for real life examples.

anyways, send him over to my house and i'll school him in all the finer aspects of mohawks and punk culture....oh, and i'll shave his head.


p.s. congratulate him on his defiant and entirely logical retort to melvin's rejection.

At 4:31 PM, Blogger mi said...

Aw, let him get his mohawk Melvin!! I love his response. You guys are going to have your hands full with that smart kid.

At 7:26 PM, Anonymous dayna t. said...

I try to imagine what all conversations are like in the Spitz-Ashford household. Cameron is a hoot! He and little Max are too cute! I can't wait for Ella to join the fun when she starts talking. That is going to be a blast.

I think he looks good with the "fauxhawk" as Scott called it. Tell Max that Cameron can start a new trend--doctors with mohawks. Hello there, Dr. Cameron "Mohawk" Ashford.

At 10:34 PM, Blogger Kimberly said...

How about a compromise, Dad? Once school is out, Cameron can have his mohawk...but only for the summer. :)

I say go for it!! But, then again, take what I say with a grain of salt...seeing as how MY son has not only had a mohawk pretty much every summer since the year he was born, but *I* have even been known to sport a faux-hawk some days. :)

It's just hair!! You are growing a outstanding and upstanding young man there...I say let him shine the best way he knows how! Even if it does make you cringe to think of your little guy sporting a mohawk. *lol*

At 1:33 PM, Anonymous Auntie Nita said...


I hate that hairstyle! But I have to agree with Kimberly, maybe if you let him have one over the summer, he'll get over it! Also, I love his comment to Daddy-Max!!! Good one Cameron!!!!

Auntie Nita


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